Location Services

Services are provided in the salon, unless location service is requested.  Our location service fees cover up to 40 miles from our salon location and are charged according to the number of stylists/MUA needed to perform the services within a timely manner. The number of stylists/MUA needed will depend on the number of parties requiring hair/makeup services.  In general, each service takes about 45-60 minutes per person so hair and makeup together take about 1 1/2-2  hours.  Services need to be completed within a 5 hour timeframe.  We will help you decide how many stylists/makeup artists will be required based on the number of services needed.  

Please coordinate start timing for your hair and/or makeup with your photographer and/or wedding planner to ensure you and your party are ready and not rushed in time for your pre-wedding pictures.


Location Fees are:

covers up to fifteen services, including the bride  4.5-5 hours

One Stylist/Makeup Artist          $75

Two Stylists/Makeup Artists       $125

Three Stylists/Makeup Artists     $200

covers up to five services, including the bride   4.5-5 hours 

covers up to ten services, including the bride  4.5-5 hours

Do you need all day Touchup services?

Inquire with your stylist/makeup artist